Resolution for Universal, Single-Payer Health Care

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality health care and that current U.S. health care costs are unnecessarily high. We propose a practical and sustainable solution: single-payer, universal health care, also known as expanded and improved Medicare for All.

"Single-payer" refers to health care funded from a single source that collects all medical fees and pays for all services, private and public. By eliminating thousands of inefficient for-profit private insurance companies, a national single-payer system can save $500 billion per year, more than enough to fund universal coverage with no deductibles or copayments.

  • While U.S. per capita health care costs are the highest in the world, we rank near the bottom in nearly all health indicators among industrialized nations.
  • Medicare's administrative costs are 2-5%, compared to 13-20% of for-profit insurers. For-profit insurers impose administrative costs on doctors and hospitals that raise overall system administrative overhead to 30%. A single-payer system could reduce that by half.
  • A single-payer system will preserve free choice of doctors and hospitals.
  • Taxes to fund Improved Medicare for All will be less than current healthcare spending for 95% of households.

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) increased access to health care for millions and provides other benefits, but does not cover all Americans or reduce costs, as a single-payer system would. A single-payer, universal health system would ensure choice and access and eliminate excessive administrative burdens on health care providers and institutions while achieving substantial savings.

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